Trae Tha Truth-Cant Ban Tha Truth-2010-FiH

Can't Ban Tha Truth is a mixtape released by American rapper Trae tha Truth. It was hosted by Evil Empire and DJ Folk.

Title 01 - Can T Ban Tha Truth Intro 02 - Can T Ban Tha Truth 03 - Gin Cop A Speaks 05 - General 06 - Hood Nights 07 - Duece S Trae S 08 -. Can't Ban Tha Truth is a mixtape released by American rapper Trae tha Truth. It was hosted by Evil Empire and DJ Folk. 10 Jan - 4 min - Uploaded by. Forum · AH Download Center · Music · Others; Trae Tha Truth Cant Ban Tha Truth FiH - Trae Tha Truth Cant Ban Tha Truth FiH.

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